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Planning a Spring/Summer Trip? Lewiston and Youngstown, New York

Time for a visit to another location...

Lewiston, NY
This past fall when my husband and I traveled to Niagara Falls, New York, for a family reunion we were able to spend a little time in Lewiston and Youngstown, New York. They are both quaint little villages that are north of Niagara Falls. Lewiston is about 7 miles north, and Youngstown is 5 miles north of Lewiston. Lewiston is on the Niagara River; Youngstown is at the end of the Niagara River where it meets Lake Ontario.

Youngstown is kinda special to me because I lived there for a short period of time as a child, and also that's where my husband and I got together and started dating. There was a 'dance' Club in Youngstown called 'Lakewood' which has since burned down, but we both loved to dance so that's how our story started. We're still dancing, but me -- maybe a little slower. My husband hasn't slowed down much.

Lewiston, New York

The Village of Lewiston was named one of the "Top Ten Best Small Towns in America" by Rand McNally in  November 2012.

And per Wikipedia "Lewiston recently won an online voting contest sponsored by USA Today and Rand McNally for "Best for Food" small town in America, beating 176 other communities. Lewiston has over 30 locally owned and operated restaurant/food establishments within a mile, located primarily on Center Street, catering to a variety of tastes."

One of several restaurants in Lewiston, NY

A little relaxing park 'hidden' behind some shops. 

Lewiston also has a very active Garden Club in their community. It has a remarkable history. It originated in 1927 and became a member of the
Federated Garden Club of New York State in 1946. Each year they have a Garden Fest and this year it is scheduled for June 21 & 22, 2014. They feature quite a few activities with a walking tour of local gardens, vendors, a container contest, and other daily activities. We attended this event a few years ago and it is worth the visit if you will be in the area at that time. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

A fellow gardening blogger/photographer, Donna at GardenWalkGardenTalk, that lives in that area is also very active in their Garden Club. She does quite a bit of the photography for their activities. Her photos are used in their advertisements. Here is the poster featuring her photos. I feature a link to Donna's blog in the column at the right. I am really impressed with her blog. She is very knowledgeable in gardening, photography, art, and design. She is highly trained as an architect and Master Gardener. The photos in her blog are very impressive as well.
Photo by Donna of GardenwalkGardenTalk
Used with permission

Another place you might want to visit is Artpark in Lewiston. The Mission of Artpark is: "Artpark & Company produces and presents excellence in the performing and visual arts, and creates unique cultural experiences in a casual, natural setting. Artistic talent is nurtured and allowed to flourish in an atmosphere that is entertaining, educational and interactive for Artpark visitors."

Various performing artists are scheduled this season. Check out their schedule for the concerts and other visual arts.

Additional Links for Lewiston, NY:
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Whirlpool Jetboats

Or for the more Adventurous- - -You can take a boat ride on the jet boats that will take you up the Niagara River to the Whirlpool Rapids!
Photo by Jaime Perry (used with permission)

Youngstown, New York

Youngstown also has a very historical background. One of the main attractions is Old Fort Niagara. This fort features some of the oldest buildings on the Great Lakes. The Fort is a National Historic Landmark. I can remember every year a certain grade level in elementary school, would have a field trip to Old Fort Niagara. Of course the only thing we were interested in were the ghost stories.

Old Fort Niagara at Youngstown, NY

Lighthouse at Old Fort Niagara, Youngstown, NY

Here are two blog posts written and photographed by Donna of GardenWalkGardenTalk:
Old Fort Niagara Photo Shoot Jan 29 2012 and Inside the Ghostly Walls of Fort Niagara March 2 2014.

Niagara Jet Adventure. Another new adventure that is based out of Youngstown, NY,  is the Niagara Jet Adventure. These new state-of-the-art whitewater and historic river tours take you back in time as they give a guided tour of the lower Niagara River before giving the thrill of a lifetime, all while keeping dry in climate-controlled comfort. Unless of course you want to get wet, as they can do that too! You can find their website at

Photo by Aaron  Dey (used with permission)

Photo by Aaron Dey (used with permission)
Another unique shop to the Village of Youngstown, NY, is the Dory Trading Post. This is a beautiful little shop that sells local artisan items all created or originating from Western NY and southeast Ontario. The Dory contributes to the community in many ways including bike rentals where net proceeds are given back to the Youngstown Recreation Department. They will also be renting kayaks this season. You can find them on Facebook at

Also new to the Youngstown area this upcoming June, will be a new Internet radio station. This station will be staffed by volunteer DJ's as well as streaming music and shows. The station will be located on Main Street next to the Village Diner.

View from Youngstown, NY where the Niagara River enters into Lake Ontario

Link: Youngstown, NY

Need something to do while you're waiting for the snow to melt? Here is a link to some very creative birdhouses: 89 Birdhouses. Some of them would be easy to craft.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.

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  1. I remember going to Ft.Niagara.First grade,I think? Loved the story of the soldier's head in the well.

    1. I couldn't remember what grade it was, Chris, but I was thinking the same thing. Yes, those ghost stories were amusing. Didn't really care about the history of it at the time, just the ghosts!

    2. My husband attended Youngstown High and lived between Youngstown and Lewiston. We also built a home on a section of his grandfather's farm. Beatifull area, but cold winters.

    3. Yes, it really is a very beautiful area. Gorgeous views across the Niagara River, and such beautiful farmland and orchards. It's wonderful to see the pride the people there have in their communities as well. Thank you for commenting.

  2. I love the wonderful pictures and thoughts about you and Ted. I enjoyed the article and blog of your friend also. It looks like Ted has some close competition in photography. Does Florida have any blooms yet?

    1. I really enjoy reading other gardening bloggers posts. They give you a great perspective and a lot of insight and I find them to be very helpful, too. And so many of them take beautiful photographs. Very inspiring to me.
      Florida is always in bloom!

  3. You did such a wonderful job with this post, Sue. Lovely images that would make anyone want to visit. Thank you so much for linking to GWGT. You are right, Lewiston is such a great town as so is Youngstown - great food in both. They have so much character and a homey vibe. I have a realtor looking for a small house for me in Lewiston now. I like the convenience and atmosphere of the place, plus I have a lot of friends there.

    1. Thank you Donna, and thanks for letting me use your photo and sharing your links. You've been a great help to me and I appreciate it. I agree with you that small towns have a lot of character. Hope you find a great house in that area. I know you'll be pleased.

  4. I sent this on to a friend and this was her comment - - -Really lovely, Karen. She could probably sell her blogs, for all I know. As it is, they're giving us a lot of pleasure. Makes you want to visit these places. Maybe their Chambers of Commerce would hire her for PR.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Karen. That was so nice, and thanks for sharing my blog post. I really love writing the blog posts, and I'm just so glad that people are enjoying them. That's the most important thing to me.
      I loved the comment about being hired by a Chamber of Commerce for PR- hey- you never know. But if it takes time away from my gardening? hahaha

  5. Love your blog! :)

  6. I was hoping to visit both this year in late June but my sister is now coming in for her 40th high school reunion for a weeks stay with us smack dab in the middle of the Garden Walk. But perhaps we will make it at another Donna said great post.

  7. Thank you Donna. There are quite a few other activities during the spring-summer season in Lewiston as well, so if you don't make it to the Garden Walk it's still a nice place to visit any time of the year.


    1. Yes, it certainly has changed. There is so much beauty in the area and the community is taking such great care of it. They have a lot to be proud of. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Hello! We shared this wonderful blog on our twitter/facebook and will hopefully remember to link to it in our newsletter tomorrow. The photos are great! We would love to be able to use them in some of our promotional material - crediting you of course. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the blog and the photos. Feel free to use them in your material and thank you for asking. I'm on Facebook (Sue Sirgey Link) if you want to send me a friend request. That would be great.

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