Monday, March 23, 2015

Went To A Garden Party . . .

Well, it really wasn't a garden party.

And I guess it wasn't just a flower display either.

It was the Epcot  International Flower and Garden Festival at Disney World  - and they were hosting their 2015 Flower Festival. It runs until May 17, 2015.

We haven't been to Epcot in over 30 years. The last time we were there was when our kids were still in school. I've always been interested in seeing their spring floral festival so I thought this year would be a good time to go.

It was pretty hot, but then I think anytime you are in Florida it is subject to be pretty hot. There's no getting around the heat. Of course I kept reminding myself that it's still better than snow and 10 degree (F) weather in Upstate New York like they've been experiencing this first week of Spring.

The flower displays were beautiful, and amazing as well. I can't imagine the hours of work that went into preparing all of these magnificent character topiaries. And I've only pictured some of them in this blog post.

While it was good to visit, and play the role of a tourist taking pictures while trying to get the best view in the best light conditions, it was a lot of walking.

The grounds were just beautiful and well-manicured. In a few of the shots you might see some people tending the gardens.

These floating flower containers looked like tires to me.  Very creative, but I'm not sure what they are made of.

While we enjoyed our visit, I thought it was rather expensive. At $106 per person, plus $17 for parking- it came to $229 for my husband and me to tour the facility (for a 1 day pass).

Hope you enjoyed your "tour" of the Floral Show in Epcot. And it won't be long now before the daffodils and tulips are blooming in the north. Well, I guess I really can't make promises like that. We've been known to have snow on Mother's Day in Upstate New York.

More information: Epcot International Flower Show

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