Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If You Blinked - You Might Have Missed It

Wow! What happened to fall???

Boonville, New York

First I thought it would take forever to get here, and then last week we got hit with lots of rain and wind - and so much for our fall display. There are still some colorful leaves on the trees around here, but most were knocked down from the rain. But there are several other areas around the State that still have a lot of fall color left.

Salmon River Reservoir, Redfield, NY

Fall arrived late in the northeast, and several of us didn't think it would even be as colorful as previous years especially due to the severe drought we received this past summer.

State Route 13 near Williamstown, NY

Ted and I headed up to the Adirondacks the end of September because we thought the leaves up there would certainly be getting close to its peak for autumn color. We were actually somewhat disappointed because the leaves were just starting to change colors there. And the colors that we did see were mostly dull reds.

Moose River, McKeever, NY

So after that brief stay the end of September, we went for another ride up to the Adirondacks the middle of October. That was a more fruitful attempt at photographing the changing seasons.

Thendara, NY

We really had a warm and mild fall so far. In our area of central Oswego County, we have not had a heavy, killing frost yet. That could change here shortly. There is still some colorful leaves hanging on the trees, but not sure how much longer they'll be around.

Tobie Pedestrian & Bike Path, Thendara, NY

Most of the photos in this post are from our second trip to the Adirondacks in the middle of October. Quite often at this time of the year the leaves are past their peak color display in the Adirondacks.

We only took the Tobie Pedestrian-Bike path for a short distance. Being as this was just a day trip for us, we wanted to drive around this area of the Adirondacks to photograph the autumn colors. The bridge pictured above crosses the Moose River in Thendara. It was once the site of a railroad crossing. The path is a 14 mile trek from Thendara through Old Forge and Eagle Bay to Inlet. There is parking at various stops along the trail, but sometimes the parking area were not marked that well.

Migrating Robins stopping for berries on their trip south.

Probably the most photographed boat house in Old Forge, NY

Blue Mountain Lake (taken Sept 27, 2016) - see photo below for same view two weeks later.

Blue Mountain Lake - taken October 14, 2016 - quite a big difference from the above photo taken a few weeks earlier.

Seventh Lake, Inlet NY

Sea plane rides leaving Long Lake for fall views over the Adirondack Mountains.
We stopped for a late lunch at the Adirondack Hotel which was across the road from the sea plane docks.

Hunter's Moon, Harrisville, NY October 14, 2016

Hope you get a chance to go for a drive in your area to see the fall colors before the leaves are windswept away. It won't be long now before the next season arrives.  Actually we got some snow this morning, but I was not ready to go out and photograph the first snowfall. Maybe the second snowfall - 

Tobie Pedestrian and Bike Path 

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