Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Visit to a Nursery

A few years ago we visited one of the local nurseries in our area that advertised hostas. I had started a small hosta garden in our backyard and I was looking for a few more hostas to fill in. I can always find room for some hostas.

We returned to Rawlings Nursery a few weeks ago, and this time I brought my camera with me. Thought you might enjoy some photos from the Rawlings  Hosta Farm.

My husband and resident black cat.

We were greeted by Kevin Rawlings, their friendly dog, and a beautiful black cat that took a liking to my husband, Ted. Kevin gave us a tour of the grounds, and I was hoping to get some photos before the rain started. Luckily it held off for us.

I'm not sure how many hostas the Rawlings have, but I'm guessing several thousand.

Rawlings Nursery is a small business that sells hostas. They are located about one hour's drive north of Syracuse, New York in the Town of Ellisburg, N.Y (Jefferson County). In the spring they sell hostas at the Regional Market in Syracuse, N.Y.

They have beautiful perennials and trees throughout their gardens. At one time they used to sell many different varieties of perennials, but now they just sell the hostas.

What I liked about this hosta farm is the fact that you can walk around the gardens and see how the hostas perform in their surroundings. As well as seeing how nice they look growing with other grasses and perennials.

There are some nice design elements in use as seen in the photos using curving lines, along with different textures and colors.

Hostas are labeled in the gardens

Greenhouse in August. In the spring this greenhouse is packed full.

View of the pool, house and perennial gardens.

If you are interested in visiting the farm it is recommended that you call ahead for their schedule or email. I'm not sure how long in September he will be open. Phone- Home: 315-638-1415, Farm: 315-846-5265. They do not ship orders. The web page is: Rawlings Nursery

Here are two photos of the hostas I purchased.

This is called Curley Fries.
I liked it because of its name.

This is a miniature hosta called Appletini.
I liked this one because of the color, size, shape, and its name.

There are quite a few miniature hostas available now, and I'm using them for fill in some of my beds. There are some hostas available for sun, but most do better in shade with some sun. If hostas get too much sun the edges of the leaves will burn and turn white.

There are a few problems that you might encounter if you plant hostas: 1) the deer love them, 2) slugs and snails can be a problem by chewing holes in them if these can be found in your area.

Here is a link on more information on growing hostas: Care of Hostas

Hope you enjoyed your tour of the Rawlings Hosta Farm. 
Thanks for taking the time to view it.
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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed touring with you. Come to FL and tour the Marie Selby Gardens. orchids. they are gorgeous

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to visit the Marie Selby Gardens maybe next spring. I love orchids. I have one that I brought back from Florida a few years ago and I even got it to re-bloom. Now I just noticed today that it has a new leaf on it.

  2. Loved the tour.I wish we could grow hostas in Zone 9B.We can only grow the sun-loving ones,and they still need shade in the afternoon.

    1. Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it Christene. Yes, there are not many hostas that will do well in Florida, and if you have them in your garden I imagine it will take a lot of watering to keep them healthy. There are so many varieties being introduced each year, that I wouldn't be surprised if you see more available for your area in the future.

  3. Great post, Sue! Loved seeing the hostas!

    1. Thanks, Ann. There were so many different ones that it was just amazing.

  4. I have heard of this nursery and how wonderful it was...but wow. I will have to visit sometime.

    1. You will love it, Donna. So many beautiful plants and trees, and they are so knowledgeable on the varying aspects of gardening. Let me know when you are interested in going and we can go together or meet afterward.