Saturday, January 3, 2015

Through The Year~

Looking back on 2014. . .

January of last year started off with little snow. I kept myself amused watching and photographing the birds and wildlife. I should say squirrels instead of wildlife. Mostly squirrels around here. I saw a few rabbits, but our squirrels checked out the bird feeders on a daily basis. And you can tell that we feed them well.

 I had fun watching their antics while my husband was thinking "if the red squirrels get in the garage they're going to make a mess". Our garage is actually a pole barn so we've had lots of wildlife take residence in there over the years. The squirrels built a nest in one of our vehicles while we were out of town for a few weeks, and at another time a raccoon made himself a nice bed in a storage cupboard we had stored up in the rafters.

A few times my husband and I would take a ride during February and March to take some photos of the area barns, birds, and other wildlife. We saw some eagles around the Oswego River, but  we weren't able to get close enough to get some great photos of them. Because the Great Lakes had so much ice on them last year, the eagles moved up the river to seek food. If the rivers are flowing fast enough they won't freeze over.

We also had our share of snow last winter as well. While going through some photos this picture caught my eye. It was taken in our backyard during one of our snowstorms the end of January. (Taken from inside of course.)

Not a great photo of this fox, but my husband took it passing through our back yard last February.

While the garden was  still taking its long winter nap, my husband and I traveled to Florida to enjoy some winter sunshine, warmer weather, and visit with family and friends. Of course I usually have to convince my husband that he will have just as much fun playing golf in Florida as he would if he stayed up here downhill skiing. He enjoys the winter up here playing in the snow and never complains unless he's complaining about not getting enough snow for his outdoor activities.

I love going to Florida that time of year not only for the warm weather and sunshine, but I also love watching the birds and admiring all the plants and flowers that are blooming. There are several species of our northern birds that spend the winter down there. And it's so enjoyable to see the local birds of Florida as well. It's nice to hear the birds, especially the mocking birds, sing that time of year. Up north here in the winter, you will hear the birds chirping, but they don't sing like they do in the spring. And the flowers- it's hard to believe that there is so much blooming down there while it's all white and cold up here. And I just love the intoxicating smell of the citrus blooms. So enchanting!

We had a wonderful spring last year in the northeast. We had lots of rain which helped all the perennials get off to a great start. It was a problem for some of the vegetable gardens though. Some seeds and seedlings rotted from having too wet conditions.

We had a very enjoyable summer as well. My perennials all did well, and had very little deer damage. Of course my husband and I were spraying regularly with a deer repellent and I think that helped quite a bit. Toward the end of the season, the deer found some of my hostas that I had planted out back of my house. I'm hoping they were just passing through and don't return in the spring looking for them. I hope I have better luck this year with some of my irises. I think they failed to bloom because of all the rain we had early in the season. I guess we'll see this year.

I'm not anticipating any major changes in our gardens this coming year. It's always a wait and see game for me.

My husband and I also attended Oswego County's First Annual Balloon Fest at our County Fairgrounds. I'm hoping they will put it on again this coming year, too. I was a little disappointed in that I thought there would be more balloons, but it was a beautiful evening and the balloons made for a beautiful sight.

I'm sharing this photo below, which is a picture of our road, because it just reminds me of a beautiful, warm summer day.

Our fall was gorgeous and warm and offered great days for relaxing rides and photographing the countryside in the Adirondack Mountains- what more can I say.

We had our first snowfall around the middle of November, but it warmed up and melted. Then we got another good snowstorm around the middle of December and that melted a few days before Christmas, so we had a green Christmas. But, New Year's Eve we celebrated with two feet of snow here! So, wonder what's in store for us next year???

We hope that 2015 is rewarding 
for you in many ways. 
We wish you a great year with good health, happiness, and peace!
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  1. Happy New Year!! I love your Blog and photos!! I have acquired my love for nature and all that it offers, after convalescing years ago from several sports injuries. I thoroughly enjoy your travels through stories and pictures. Peace and safe journeys.

    1. Thank you so much! And Happy New Year to you, too! I'm really glad you like the blog and photos. I try to share items and photos that I think would have a broad appeal to people other than just gardening subjects. I acquired my love for nature and wildlife after we moved here to Mexico, NY, from previously living in suburban areas. Living in this rural area really opened up the beauty of nature to me. Thanks for commenting.

  2. This is a beautiful rendering of 2014! I really enjoyed all the photos, Sue. My favorite is the one you took inside of the snowstorm outside! Your "summer day" photo is my second favorite!

    1. Thanks, Ann. It was fun trying to decide which photos to include in this post. I almost deleted the picture of the snowstorm because I didn't know if people would be able to make out the tree.
      I'm looking forward to you new gardening blog. It should be very enjoyable for you. Have fun with it!

  3. Outstanding Job and year! Keep it up! I share it with many who have moved to warmer climates. They all love it-gives them a feel for home without the cold or shoveling lol . Tell Ted I'll love to have him post some "how to's" of his lol how to get such great photos would be a great one! Enjoy the Winter and the New Year!

    1. Thank you, Martha! I really appreciate that, and the fact that you share it with your friends. I'm glad they enjoy it.
      I think that's a good idea to have Ted do a post. I wonder if I can talk him into that. Great idea!

  4. Happy New Year Sue and Ted....great shots of the birds, critters and so many flowers in your garden Sue....and the snow is pretty for a while. Here's to a great 2015 and the hopes of visiting your garden in person!

    1. Thank you, Donna, and Happy New Year to you as well. You gave me the idea for the collages. It's fun to be able to include several photos on one picture without using a lot space/memory.
      Yes, hopefully this year we'll be able to connect and visit each others gardens. That should be fun. Looking forward to it!

  5. I hope your New Year is as wonderful as 2014 was for you as seen though your wonderful photos. You live in such a beautiful part of NY. My husband works in the Oswego area many years and I have visited it often. Last year winter was so ongoing with the snow, everyday more and more. Your husband should have loved that, but I can see that pull to Florida. Warm and color is nice when all is cold and white.

    1. Thank you, Donna. This area of New York really is beautiful, and as a bonus it offers so much local history and activities. There is so much to see and enjoy such as the wildlife, countryside, Lake Ontario, rivers, and beaches.
      And you are right - our winters can be brutal. I'm doing my best to get out more during the winter to get some pictures. Actually, I've been trying to find a snowy owl. I imagine if I do see one it will probably be too far away for me to get a good picture of him. I loved your snowy owl photos!

  6. This past year went so fast and your photos bring back so many memories. I always enjoy the photography as much as your great write-ups. Thanks to both you and Ted for your weekly blog and sharing so much. Have a great 2015 and we will see you in the late Spring.

    1. Thank you, LuLu. I'm glad you enjoy it. It's been fun for me and Ted, too. We bounce ideas of each other for subjects to include and photograph. Sometimes it's a last minute decision on the subject and other times I can be working on it for a few days and then change it all together at the last minute.
      You have a great year too, and see you in a few months!