Saturday, April 15, 2017

S...l...o...w...l...y But Surely ! ! !

Now, that's a funny title isn't it? 

Yes, I'm referring to Spring! And Mother Nature. She takes her time. When she sees fit to make it happen. It gradually "breaks" through.

I think the birds are more excited than ever. The early arrivals are checking out nesting sites, and other birds are happily singing their spring song. And you're patiently waiting for the days to get warmer. Yes, you've been teased. But that's just typical New York spring weather. A warm week, then back to winter, and then the rains start- .

But now we know better - the days are getting longer, the grass is greening up, the peepers are "peeping", the perennials are popping up and the spring bulbs are starting to show their colors. And oh, how we love the smell of the earth after a rain. Did you know there was even a name for that? It's called petrichor. Who knew??? It's actually the smell of the dry earth after a rain. Here is an article on why and how that happens: Why Rain Gives Off That Fresh Earthy Scent

The trees are showing their little buds swelling up and getting ready to burst open. But why does it take so long for these trees to green up and display their leaves?

How impatient we are. . . 

Come on Spring - Let's get this thing started!

Happy Easter to All! 
May your Spring be filled 
with sunshine and glorious memories!


  1. Happy Easter, Sue, and Happy Spring! Great photos!

    1. Thank you, Ann! And a very Happy Easter to you, too! Time for us gardeners to get busy outside! Love this time of year.

  2. Spring has been crazy so far. It will be 80 degrees today. We have been getting rain too which we have not seen in a long time. The garden is bursting with bloom too. Your bird photos are so good, really showing what they do in Spring.

    1. Thank you, Donna. It really has been a crazy spring. Our temperature was about the same as yours yesterday. And now they're calling for cooler temperatures through next week. I'll be happy as long as it doesn't snow and stay above 32. I planted a few things (dianthus) and anenome, but most likely probably too early. I'm calling them 'semi-hardy annuals'.

  3. Spring has been insane up until this point. It will be 80 degrees today. We have been getting precipitation too which we have not found in quite a while. The garden is overflowing with sprout as well. Your flying creature photographs are so great...

  4. Glad Easter, Sue, and Happy Spring! Awesome photographs!..